View24, SCADA with minimal resources

This site demonstrates the use of SCADA View24 for watering flowers. SCADA is a thing well researched, even before the advent of the Internet. However, with the advent of the Internet, there were new opportunities - remote control of the object, data visualization and cloud storage and archiving of data. Using the OPC concept - made some confusion in the notion of SCADA. And this contributed to such an odious organization as 'Opc foundation', although in fact OPC is only a subsystem of SCADA. Fortunately, with the advent of the standard websocket everything fell into place. There was an opportunity to communicate devices - objects and viewers among themselves. The main positions are the Control Panel - dash-board (dashboard). We need to pay tribute to the 'Opc foundation', they formulated the kinds of panels. And in the first place comes the panel with an independent platform OPC - UA. Let's pose the question, and what is the Internet an independent platform? Naturally - browsers. Therefore, the control panels should be based on browsers. It is such a panel is View24. In fact, it's a site communicating with the device through a websocket server. Of course, MQTT comes to mind, but after all, MQTT started at IBM before the WEBSOCKET was created in GOOGLE.

Tech-Recipe / 2017