You can watch the performance of your equipment anywhere in the world on any device at any time

BioXpert V2 's user?

If you are researchers who use BioXpert V2. To be able to monitor the process not only in the workplace, but also outside, try the completed solutions from Download and use free OPC DA for BioXpert V 2. It starts working immediately without registration and customization.

Data visualization using ideal for scientists interested in monitoring of measurements anytime, anywhere.
In fact is a simple OPC server for web OPC client.

How does work? The measurements results are transferred step by step to the server in real time and stored there. 10000 last measurements are stored on the server. Experimenter can view the accumulated data as a chart using one of a regular web browsers.

Where you can see examples of charts? Examples of charts.
These charts was generated before. Now the science experiments are over.

Where you can watch a current charts?
Such live chart is creating now in real-time on this page. Look at the picture with the water tank heated by three heaters. You can manage heaters your own. Result of the heating you can watch as a chart.

How the data is uploaded to the server for later viewing?
With a help an application on the site - view_set.cgi with a special query string. More information on a help page.
this is a simple data visualization tool for real time streams of measurements, data visualization real-time open source and free code, and an exellent tool for data visualization graph and diagramms for auto scaling.

Where you can apply
Naturally fermenters for monitoring and chemical production. A lot of equipment manufactured by Applikon and Braun Sartorius, using SCADA BioXpert and MFCS/WIN.

   Look at the current call for uploading data to a server from this page:

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